Physical graffiti

      A little bit of quality incised graffiti from numerous anonymous artists over a long, long period of time photographed in close-up and with a longer focus.
      Whenever we come across 'artwork' like this we can't help but wonder what the motivation was to make the scrapes, cuts and incisions. They must have been hugely important to the artist at the time and you simply can't believe that they were aimless doodles and vandalism but we suspect that we look for the more esoteric and romantic answers to the question. Enjoy them for what they are, they may be old but they look modern and the effect is pleasing.
      Right that's the intellectual bit out of the way let's go and get the aerosol cans of paint out of the shed and make a contribution for posterity ourselves.


  1. So good they played it twice.Led Zep IV is the one to have.

  2. Sue and I saw them at the Albert hall twice. the best was a Sunday session (Ithink) at the pop proms in the late sixties, they were utterly brilliant. Stand out lyric? 'Squeeze my lemon until the juice runs down my leg'. mmm. They were very, very good. Right on their game. John


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