Soon be ready

      By this coming weekend we should be able to pick the first and the best broad beans of  the crop. They are almost ready and the small and sweet beans are the best and always as tender as you like. The season of plenty is approaching at great speed and if the cold northerly winds finally get round to a warmer quarter the vegetables and fruit should begin to really accelerate their growth. Wonderful.
      Within a week the first flush of new potatoes should with us to go with the beans and then baby carrots, the vegetable fest will be rapidly followed by strawberries and other soft fruit. Wonderful indeed.


  1. Must be wild up there today John,it is here.

  2. No rain at 6am and now it's lashing it down and blowing a gale. The visibility is poor too, in fact a horrible day but it's only weather. John

  3. What to do with the little'uns? They're stir crazy all ready. All part of life's rich tapestry. Enjoy your first new potatoes. Straight from the ground and in the boiling pan and seasoned with celery salt, freshly ground pepper and butter. Ambrosia.


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