Drizzle, humidity and texture.

      Today has been warm, damp and humid.
      Clouds of drizzle like fog drifting over the fen and making everything as wet as if it had been pouring down, you walk the terriers in this weather and although it isn't really raining your jacket and trousers end up covered in a silvery film of moisture and if you wear spectacles the visibility drops even quicker, it's like looking through the frosted glass of a bog window.
      The grass and nettles are soaking wet and even the logs in the wood pile are soaking. The worst aspect of this weather are the two Jack Russell Terriers the moisture penetrates their coats and they stink like a wet sheep for an hour or two after you get them home and dry them.
      An unforgettable smell but they don't seem to care.


  1. Excellent TT! A mirror image of my own morning here as I look out at a sodden log pile, mug of tea in hand with the added (bonus!) of two soggy stinky Border Terriers! Chucking it down and very muggy. TTFN Dickie


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