Eel on the gleave

      A visit to the Drainage Museum. A small museum situated in Prickwillow that is housed in an old pumping station and brim full of old engines, equipment, tools, traps and social history.
      The eel gleave caught my eye and what a beauty it is, worthy of Neptune himself or even Brittania for that matter. The business end is about the size of a garden spade and a fine example of the blacksmiths art, the handle is around twelve to fourteen feet long giving the eel hunter a reach down into a deeply cut-in dyke to catch his wriggling prey that would soon be supper for the family.
      If you have a problem with people and children short-cutting across your land to your favourite eel fishing swim, or just your garden, try the man-trap below at bottom right, they'll soon get the message.
      Then, when the screams finally stop you can carry on wielding your gleave in peace and quiet.


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