Flaming June? Not yet

      It's alleged that this is the beginning of summer but the specification doesn't seem to match the job description in any way.
      The fields are green, that's a start. The weeds are growing furiously and there's cott all over the surface of the dykes but a gale is blowing and it's cold, it's wet, the levels of wetness ranging from damp to torrential rain, oh and the sky is a uniform and even grey so it must be summer and we've even had the wood burner going.
      Meanwhile the opening of the coarse fishing season approaches, 'the glorious sixteenth', no doubt there'll be a blizzard or maybe freezing fog or both.
      But by the evening the sun was out and everything had warmed up although Sunday morning dawned and Norfolk feels like the coldest place in the British Isles. 
      Back to normal then.