It's a good job it's summer

     We have had some really foreboding grey skies in the last week or so, gloomy and rain laden doesn't even get close to describing them. The rainfall has been steady, with most days yielding 10 or 12 mm, we had a thunderstorm at the weekend but nothing truly spectacular that makes you want to sit by the window with a drink and watch and listen to the arguments way up in the clouds.
      The spring wheat, potatoes and other crops seem to be enjoying the regular watering as are the fields of onions, leeks and carrots but come late summer the rain should, hopefully, have eased off and a frenzy of harvesting will grip the fields. As a bonus the Norfolk Bog Door Blue cubes look good against the rain laden sky, perhaps the grey clouds show them off at their best.
      The seasons and the weather are just brilliant, go and watch them develop and forget the television.