Lowering skies

      Monday night and signs of bad weather to come. The clouds are racing across the sky and the poplar trees are bending and lashing, with this wind speed the bad weather won't be long in coming either. On Tuesday morning the wind had increased and by breakfast time the rain was coming down like stair rods lashing the windows, gurgling in the downpipes and refilling the water butts. After days and days of dryness, and no serious rain, the background sounds to the morning are wind buffeting the house and running water.
      The rain is badly needed and hopefully the water will close up all the cracks in the fields and soften the rock hard ground, right I think it must be time for a second coffee so I can sit and watch the rain.


  1. Weird weather John. Boiling over weekend and freezing today. Hooli winds and no chance of casting a fly in that!! Lovely skies you have up there - vast! TTFN Dickie


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