Lying down on the job

      It is blindingly obvious that you simply cannot get the right staff these days. There she is one of the naughty bird scarers, in this case a pigeon scarer, and she's lying down having a quick forty winks in amongst the peas she's supposed to be protecting. She's adopted a pretty rakish come hither pose and there aren't any pigeons to be seen anywhere on the field so it must be working.
      On the other hand she could be trying to lure some innocent dog walker to his doom by drawing them into the fast growing pea field to investigate.
      Must hurry along and I'm glad it wasn't getting dark, because we are in West Norfolk after all.
      She does seem a nice looking girl though.


  1. Seems a bit hard faced to me,if you don't mind me saying!

  2. You are probably right but you get to my age and she seems quite attractive… John


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