Peel back the layers

      Layers of paint that have been applied somewhat sporadically over the decades are being gradually stripped by the wind, rain, sun and frosts but the slow and the remorseless erosion will not be a precursor to an outside painting and decorating festival. Hours of work that will spruce the whole house up and convert it into a truly desirable residence.
      The door pictured below is where the detail above came from, with the hints of lovely  Norfolk Bog Door Blue and Norfolk Brown Bogie, not forgetting the natural wood finish. Even a cursory glance shows that nothing is square and most of the frame is rotten.
      Amazingly the house is still inhabited, obviously no DIY obsession here, in fact we think that to sort the house out it would benefit from being knocked down and totally rebuilt. Or simply get the 48th Fighter Wing to carry out an airstrike.
      Definitely a project for an enthusiastic young couple.