Sky of blue, plume of white

      One of Uncle Sam's finest from 48th Fighter Wing cutting a scalpel like slice in the blue sky. Strangely he, or she, is too low for a vapour trail and the white isn't condensation from the wing tips so maybe the F15 is bleeding excess fuel for some reason. Whatever the reason the wide arc above the house is impressive, I think the aircraft did three laps before before rolling away in the direction of RAF Lakenheath and cup of coffee.
      Later in the day when a haze was forming we had a few fly-pasts from the big tankers based at RAF Mildenhall, home of the 100th Air Refuelling Wing who in a previous life were 'The Bloody 100th'; on this fly-by the C130 pilots were obviously practising their formation skills with big transport aircraft.
      The skies in West Norfolk swing from empty, to full of birdsong, to exceedingly busy with great rapidity.
      You could say the 'Lark Ascending' to 'The Delicate Sound of Thunder' in seconds.
      Fantastic, and long may it continue.

      A patch of clear blue sky this morning and a photograph taken from the front garden as the 48th Fighter Wing distracted me from the jobs in hand. The F15's certainly had the power on and they were really moving, squeezing the water vapour out of the air at low altitude and then climbing until they were just a dot in the sky.
      Half a dozen passes like that and then silence.
      And then birdsong.