Chase that egg

      Well we've heard of free-range eggs, organic eggs and deep litter eggs but never have we heard of 'free roaming eggs'.
      The description conjures up people chasing eggs around an orchard, some woodland or a field. We can just imagine a flock of feral eggs setting about a fox or lying in wait for a rat, take that scenario a little further and you could even have guard eggs, the possibilities are almost endless. Then, of course, there are quail, duck and goose eggs to take into consideration too.
      We can see it now, forget those attack dogs like a staffies or pit bulls, the day of the attack egg is coming and the 'trophy egg' of choice will probably be a 'free roaming' goose egg and anybody who is worth his tattoos would have at two of those on a chain, although where you put the studded collar we just don't know.
      Time to take the two eggs for a walk.