Does it glow in the dark?

      Because of the damp and humid weather some weird and wonderful funghi have started appearing just a little earlier than they normally do. This excrescence is growing at a rare old speed on an ancient and split pear tree in one of the orchards. Strangely it has the look of DIY expandable foam filler or 'no nails' but what causes the infestation we are trying to find out, but it is expanding and inexorably spreading out through the cracked wood and out over the trunk. Scary.
      I think that the important thing to remember is not to casually sit down and have a contemplative half hour leaning against the trunk of this old pear tree staring at the blue sky and writing poems. Because if you do it could quite easily grow over you and smother you leaving a pair of wellies at the foot of the tree.
      Then you'll glow in the dark.


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