Fenland holiday home

      Another calm blue summer morning with the promise of heat to come and even the fleecy white clouds are playing their part giving us just a light sprinkling of fluff and there's a few horses tails up there for good measure too.
      Full-on British summertime weather.
      The shady and cool Nissen Hut looks a bit spooky but the dark interior is home to a family of little owls as well as being a stop-off point for barn owls and tawny owls on their hunting circuit, no doubt they can perch up on top of the roof and watch for their prey. Relics of wartime, Nissen Huts can be found dotted about all over West Norfolk being used as stores, garages and workshops over seventy years after they became obsolete.
      Properly fitted out they would even make a feature holiday home.
      The Boss says no.


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