Full of western promise

      The western sky looks as if it is building up for a dramatic evening, something like the end of the world possibly with sun doing a passable imitation of a thermonuclear explosion, that or it's got a bit of a tummy upset with the clouds roiling and boiling like that.
      By the time Saturday morning arrived everything had calmed down nicely and the sky had turned a lovely shade of blue and a blue clear sky is unusual in itself because it has mostly been grey and gloomy with the wet stuff pouring out of it.
      Mustn't grumble though, but I wonder what today will bring, more surprises no doubt.
      It's turned out blue again in the east.


  1. I notice you have had some decent weather up there TT - it's been plain odd down here, little in the way of warmth, rain and more rain. I'm craving a bit of heat! TTFN Dickie

  2. Dickie, it's light switch weather. Flick up for one thing, down for another and sometimes hold it between the two. We are promised some steady weather this week. believe that if you like… John


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