Lovely ripe plums

      One of the high points of the summer has finally arrived, the Laxton's Earlys, the first plums of the season are ready for picking and eating.
      They're a dangerous and addictive breed of plum too, you walk past with the two Jack Russell Terriers on their morning walk and sample two or three. Delicious in the cool of the early morning, and on the way back you sample two or three more because they are just irresistible. Then you decide to pick some to take home for the  family to sample while they are having their breakfast and, obviously, you have a couple more to keep them company.
      By this time, and after considerable over-indulgence, the realisation dawns that you dare not leave the house.
      That's fresh 'prunes' for you, well too many fresh 'prunes'.


  1. Oh dear TT! I can hear the cries now, a la Dudley Moore - "nurse......nurse....oh dear.....nurse please!!!"
    I'll get my coat, Dickie


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