Menace, violence, then a rainbow

      Early on Wednesday evening we had a brief respite from the blisteringly hot weather that we have been 'enjoying', the blue sky became hazy and then big dark and bruised looking clouds began to build-up to the south and, finally, we could hear thunder in the far distance but slowly getting closer. The heat was totally oppressive and there was barely a breath of wind, even the birds and insects had headed for cover so they must have had an instinctive idea of what was creeping slowly but steadily over the southern horizon.

      When the storm finally broke we had almost half an inch of rain in under thirty minutes with the rain absolutely thundering down, there were some really decent pyrotechnics and a wonderful thunder sound track as an accompaniment. Gradually the storm moved away to the east and left us with a brilliant rainbow as a calling card and a fresher atmosphere to enjoy a glass of wine outdoors.
      Well done thunderstorm.


  1. Mid 30's here John. Never thougt Air Con would be so useful. Been told we must go down to the local cove for lunch. I've been, and am not looking forward to the knuckle whitening descent and worse ascent.

  2. It's been a pretty good summer so far TT. Just enough temperature fluctuation to make it interesting and weird to think we had a fire one night a few weeks ago - now the season of eating outside and evening tench / crucian fishing! TTFN Dickie


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