Oinkenstein wins

      Pig racing, a fun afternoon for all the family from five years old to ninety eight years old, and the grandchildren really do love it. Obviously all the pigs have names, just like race horses, Peppa Pig, Oinkenstein, Bradley Piggins, Hamella Anderson, Elvis Pigsley, well you get the drift anyway.
      In fact Oinkenstein, wearing the rather rakish purple pennant, won both races with considerable style and I backed him.
      What a result.
      He came tearing up from the back of the field and powered through to win on both occasions with the favourite, Peppa Pig, absolutely nowhere.

      He certainly deserved his pig-nuts after the two races, but the grandsons were understandably fed-up having backed Peppa Pig and Bradley Piggins, the two favourites, but that's racing for you and two large ice creams headed the complaints off and the loss was quickly forgotten.
      No doubt there'll be a Steward's Enquiry and drug tests before the result is confirmed but I think their moment of stardom before Royalty at the Great Norfolk Show had gone to their heads.
      However my favourite pig of the day was the strictly non-racing, rather suave and heraldic looking black Micro Pig. He had the lady-killer stare too, so why don't you pop round to my stye and I'll show you my etchings.