The return of Jason King

      Peter Wyngarde, aka Jason King the special agent from Department S, is back as a plant pot man and he's looking pretty funky too. There's no doubt that the addition of all of the flower power is making this his best summer floral display ever.
      The display, produced by a gardener in the next village, is eagerly anticipated every year but this year with the new fence, newly raked gravel and the the lilies behind Jason's romantic little arbour he's definitely gone the extra mile; and there's even a splash of Norfolk Bog Door Blue in the garden over the fence too.
      God bless the eccentric English gardener.


  1. A superb Wyngardian vista John! I can just imagine the JK Bentley parked on the drive with a glove box full of "Tabac" - splendid! TTFN Dickie


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