Un-oiled and unwanted

      Redundant and out-of-date farming equipment tucked away from view in the corner of an orchard, no doubt it has all been replaced by ultra-modern equipment with computers and sat-nav, but sights like this always seem an incredible waste to us.
      There must be a secondhand value, or even a scrap value, and surely some smallholder somewhere with a tiny plot of land would find a use for equipment like this and give it second life. Our farmer neighbour still uses his old agricultural machinery on his huge vegetable plot and he was saying that in the 1960's when he bought his 20 foot wide sprayer he thought he was at the cutting edge of agriculture but now the sprayers are motorised and and cover 120 feet of spraying width.
      Times change, but it still seems a shame to let usable equipment just rot away.


  1. How are things John? Been out with the stewed wheat yet? My fishing has been desultory. Too many poor decisions but always good to be by water.


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