Dawn's back

      Every morning, as always, dawn returns but now as we move into late summer it is at a more civilised hour, I can't be doing with four o'clock in the morning but five o'clock to six o'clock is fine by me.
      Anyway here she is on a lovely August morning and baring all you might say, not a cloud in sight to cover her up and our favourite transformer box is looking pretty good too. Mind you if you were as old as this old transformer box you'd welcome a little adjustment in the lighting to cover up your rust and make you look a little younger.
      The sky has all those tasteful Dralon colours, mauve, lilac, dusty pink, pastel blues in fact all the usual suspects and a little mist too just to add some atmosphere.
      There's nothing like a little mellow fruitfulness. Autumn is slowly creeping up on us.


  1. Gale hates the coming of Winter. Autumn mellows that a bit for hin John.

  2. It's on the BB, in eight weeks the fire will be on… PIKE


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