Joe is definitely long

      The chillies we planted in the spring are doing really, really well. For some reason the plants are absolutely huge and I'm sure that the success is not down gardening skills, the heat and the rain have obviously made a major contribution. The Hungarian Hot Wax are more prolific than ever before and this one plant will give us all we need and yes that is a spent cartridge on the top of the cane supporting the plant. I have a phobia about people bending down and poking their eye with the tip of a virtually invisible cane.

      As the heading says Joe's Long is definitely long and the two plants we have of this variety are going to provide us with a bountiful crop and they will look splendid as they begin to turn a deep rich red. Down below, well, Jalapeños are what they are and they are cropping heavily too.
      Meanwhile Serrano and Ring of Fire are coming on a treat, I tested a green Ring of Fire and I suspect that when they are ripe that particular chilli will do exactly what the name says…


  1. Hotties no doubt John. Look splendid. I have some gorgeous zucchini that hsve turned into mini holiday neglect marrows, not that I mind a marrow. Green, gold but not red. Rastafari.

  2. Cool man. Is Albania still burning?

  3. The home fires are now distant embers John


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