Later that same week

      It is a peaceful Sunday morning in West Norfolk with no jet fighters tearing around the sky. Uncle Sam's finest at the 48th Fighter Wing at Lakenheath are probably washing and polishing their F15s and no doubt the Tornados at RAF Marham are getting the full valet treatment too. After all that's what happens at the weekend, you know parked up on the drive and the hosepipe and soapy water out, but I bet they'd rather be up there chasing around that beautiful blue sky.
      The photograph shows practically the same view from the top of the farmers drove as that shown in the previous post, well give or take a foot or two, and there's the change in the colour of the ripening wheat field in just six days.
      Walking past with the two Jack Russells you don't really notice the change happening, obviously you are aware that change is gradually taking place but a simple comparison photograph really shows the ripening colour to advantage.
      Just think of all the slices of toast in that field.