The four horsemen of the Acropolis are coming

      It may not be strictly true but I know what the farmer meant, he looked up at the coming weather front and said 'it looks like the Four Horsemen of the Acropolis are coming'. To mix the metaphors something nasty is stirring in the woodshed. Thank you Ada Doom.
      The two terriers didn't give a toss about the weather predictions they just continued hunting in the wheat, their positions visible only by the tips of the wheat swaying about while they ignored whistles and shouts trying to get them out.
      Anyway, it looked as if it would be terrible but there was a squall, some rain, some wind and it was all over in minutes. We were hoping for thunderbolt and lightning with all the trimmings but it never happened, mind you there was enough rain to soak the wheat waiting for harvest so when the farmer gets the grumps on no wonder the  'Four Horsemen of the Acropolis' buggered off. I think they went to Leicester.
      Unreasonable doesn't come into it.
      Even Albrecht Durer would have had a rethink.