The show goes on, and on

      The fields have suddenly come to life with the sound of agricultural machinery and the harvest is well under way now. Out in the car, me driving and the boss in the turret, you meet the massive machinery being taken to the next place of work via main roads, minor roads and droves.
      In front of the house the combine harvesters have been working all day and they'll work on into the night under lights until all of this group of three fields are cut.
      Once the wheat is combined and transferred into trailers it is taken away to the grain stores to await transportation to the mill or animal feed factory. In the morning, the bailers will be on the stubble making those huge circular bales of straw that have become part of the English landscape in late summer. Then in a day or so once the bales have gone, and the rest of the harvest is complete for this farmer, the ploughs will turn up and begin the cycle all over again.
      During the year this group of four fields have gone from brown, to green, to gold and are now well on their way to being back to brown again. Next year it will be oilseed rape and we'll have a huge splash of yellow in the cycle for a change.