The south facing slopes

      We planted three vines in large pots last year and although we had no idea how old they were one of them is fruiting for the first time this year with six bunches of fruit ripening. Well we hope they are ripening anyway.
      This particular vine is from Alsace so it seems to be able to cope with the weather and it is planted on the south facing slope, sorry wall, and now we are looking forward to tasting what the tag describes as 'blackcurranty but not seedless grapes'. The old Victorian brickwork works like a giant storage heater so maybe that is a factor in the success of this vine.
      Hopefully the other two vines should fruit next year and then we will have a surfeit of fruity riches.


  1. Two Terriors terrior. A hint of bog door blue on the nose...

  2. … and a lingering hint of Norfolk Brown Bogie on the palate.


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