The Two Terriers terroir

      My apologies to Bure Boy for the terroir line but because it's been a week of fruit and local produce, a weekly horn of plenty you could say, I decided to end the week with a grape update.
      Here they are growing and maturing nicely on the south facing wall, they are the most watched grapes in the whole world. Don't know about the type of soil, apart from the fact that it is compost for 'potting on' with a forkful of of well rotted manure added for extra power.
      I think there are eight bunches and being grapes for eating, not winemaking, when they are ready they won't last very long.
      Further bulletins will be placed on the gates as they progress.


  1. Certainly is the land of plenty in your neck of the woods TT! I reckon we are weeks behind you down here. I do think we are on for a big apple harvest though, boughs are straining under the weight! One of the best whitebait and mackerel massacres in years down here - we were filling bags of whitebait which had beached trying to escape the mackies and catching loads so close to shore - the cry went up "ooh argh it's a mass-ah-carr"!! TTFN Dickie

  2. Work is increasingly taking me your way John, I'll have to do some foraging in the horn of plenty. Might put a whip in the car too, fancy a few stolen sorties on the hemp and caster.


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