A play on words

      Another trip out and about as you do when you have time on your hands, me driving and the boss up in the turret, and there it is a lovely play on and manipulation of words very much in the style of Ronnie Barker.
      As always it is another run-down and unloved shop front that has come under the artist's brush but he, or she, has made a splendid job of the project even down to the window boxes on the upper room window cills.
      The real clincher for us, well it goes without saying, is the use of that fresh, glowing, Norfolk Bog Door Blue. Brilliant.
      This entire establishment should be moved lock, stock and barrel to the North Norfolk trendy zone. 


  1. Not quite banks but the phantom Fenland Muriel Artist strikes again. There must be more, you can't keep talent down and good for him, her or them.

  2. BB, that should have said 'Banksy', bloody pre-emptive what sit..

  3. Curse of the texting classs that pre-emptive thingy


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