Alien apple thieves are back

      They're back, we can't say they appear to be back because they never appear, but those little men from the far end of the solar system have come to collect their supply of apples. There's nothing like a crisp and juicy Michaelmas Red as you navigate the asteroid belt.
      By the light of the moon and with the barn door floodlight to home in on you can see their two landing lights shining down as they de-cloak and home in on the orchard. Next it will be quick trip to the high tension cables above the railway line or the pylons over the Middle Level to charge the batteries and then they disappear.
      Just like that.
      Now all this may sound far-fetched but I've met two old fellows who swear blind they've seen this phenomena happen and they know people who've been abducted by aliens and brought back. No surprises there then, why would the aliens want them when they're searching for a superior intelligence.
      It's amazing who you meet when you are walking the two Jack Russell Terriers or pike fishing. I've no doubt they say the same about me too. The old boys that is not the terriers.
      That's probably why the 48th Fighter Wing never return my calls when I want a pair of F15s on readiness, fully armed and engines running at the end of the runway.
      The boss says it's time for my medication. That'll increase the sensitivity of my radar.