Another derelict primitive

      This derelict Primitive Methodist Chapel stands down a lane a couple of miles from where we live and, inevitably, it's for sale for development into a domestic home. It is rather a peculiar detail but what would have been a rather grand window is just brickwork with the naming cartouche in it; maybe austere was the Methodist policy but with a nod to the gothic church window.

      The foundation stones showing the names of benefactors and the important local people are so numerous that they stretch right around the building. We counted eighteen before the impenetrable briars and nettles halted the count, here is one group but the rest, or most of them, will go on another post.

      Adjoining the chapel is a Primitive Methodist Schoolroom or, as it is named and displayed in the cartouche a P. M. School, a school for only the afternoon perhaps? I bet some jolly times were enjoyed in there. However the question is was it a schoolroom for general education or simply religious education?
      Now we need to engineer a sneaky look inside the buildings to see what treasures are on the walls of both the chapel and the schoolroom.