Hot day and hot sauce

      The boss is making hot chilli sauce with some of the rapidly maturing bumper crop, this little picking of 'Ring of fire' has been sliced and diced as have a few 'Jalapeños' and some 'Joe's extra long' that are pictured below. They really are extra long with some of them being just over eleven inches in length.
      There are still a lot more chillies to ripen and no doubt some will be frozen for use during the winter but more will go into hot chilli sauce.  All of the sauce will be hidden from the family to stop them pinching it all, mean we know.
      Under the floorboards sounds like a good place.



  1. Crikey, I like the look of those TT! Never made a chilli sauce, but just about to make jalapeño bread! Haven't grown any this year and feel slightly miffed - next year! Ring of fire? Bog roll in the freezer!!! TTFN Dickie

  2. WE've grown another variety called Serrano and that is hotter than Ring of Fire. Call the midwife...


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