My nose never fails me

      There's nothing quite like the chaos of a farmyard equipment store to bring out the hunting instincts in a Jack Russell Terrier. Material, logs, equipment, bags, timber and rubbish all stacked and piled up means the chance of a rat or two hiding away and ready to be hunted.
      A day or two ago Minnow nailed a rat in the almost ripe spring wheat, wheat that isn't quite ready for harvesting yet and at the moment that is where the rats are, in amongst the stalks feasting on the ears of wheat. There's a really overflowing larder for the rats out in the 20 acre field with plenty of cover but when the crop is harvested the terriers will hunt them to the point of exhaustion and this morning is the first morning of a clear stubble field and bales.
      No doubt they are looking forward to the opportunity.
      But I'll stick to the .410.


  1. Ratting true sport of Kings.
    A long time ago on a chicken farm we killed 150 Rats in 4 hours.

  2. Minnow, pictured, is the ace ratter of the two but our first two Jack Russells, Pike and Ruffe were good too. Ruffw was a Border Terrier jack Russell cross and he would fight anything, anywhere. Never off the lead unless ratting and only with Pike otherwise he'd sort other dogs pout and then start ratting. Happy days.



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