Dawn, 24 hours apart

      In West Norfolk it's  been very dry with hardly any rain for days and days but the weather remains very changeable. Here is dawn, 24 hours part, and it's almost as if she can't make up her mind which part of the wardrobe to go for. One day there is the promise of beautiful fine weather with the sun exploding over the horizon, but it doesn't happen, and the next morning there seems to be a portent of rain and wild weather but again nothing really happens.

      No doubt the seaweed nailed to the shed door will give us a more accurate reading if we care to consult it more thoroughly but for the time being we'll settle for 'changeable, wind moderate, possibly rain later.'
      No, today it's thick fog again.


  1. Go get your self a perch or two John. If my car ever starts again I might have to too. It's French, and has lots of electrial things to go wrong, which they have and not even with a gallic shrug or string of onions on the handlebars.

  2. The French car and electrics, not a good mix. Mercedes do a version of the Renault Kangoo and the first thing they did was replace all the wiring. Tells you a lot. Perch and pike tomorrow, midday onwards.


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