Fenland in brown

      The winter colours are beginning to appear now, they've been slowly advancing across the greens, golds and straw colours of the Fens for quite a few weeks and they've almost taken over.
      A lot of people passing through Fenland on their way to the north coast of Norfolk barely give the area a second glance but there is a strange melancholy beauty about the area that gradually gets under your skin.
      Winter is closing in and inevitably the big question is, will we get a proper winter or another that will add to the sequence of mild winters? Never mind there's more to look forward to than you think and in the next week the pike rods, reels and tackle are getting a little maintenance so the colder time of the year is definitely with us.
      Along with optimism and weather watching.


  1. My sat nav is getting some new names in it now I am working out of Kings Lynn.

  2. Would they be the Chestikoffs, Nastikoffs, Rippemoffs et al?


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