First fog rolls in

      A proper autumn morning. Looking out of the windows before making a cup of tea and the visibility was about five hundred yards, ten minutes later and the visibility had reduced to around fifty yards. Really nasty driving conditions for those people going to work.
      However the walk with the two Jack Russell Terriers was an absolute pleasure in the fog, the landscape and atmosphere completely changed in much the same way that snow changes the landscape, the familiar becomes the unfamiliar because all of the everyday reference points have all been smothered and absorbed into the rolling fog.

      Sometimes the early morning sun burns off a thin patch but at the far side of the 'hole' you see a fresh fog bank rolling towards you even though there isn't a hint of wind at ground level. Fog is a mysterious weather phenomenon.
      Tonight the fog is already rolling across the fen so we should be in for another atmospheric morning on Wednesday.


  1. Beotifull pictures,you have captured the atmosphere well.

  2. Thanks Piscator, piking next week so I hope we have the same weather, it is great to be out and about in it. John

  3. Good luck,hope both weather and Essox will be obliging.


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