I can smell breakfast

      Wild field mushrooms from a large paddock in West Norfolk and what a sequence of culinary treats they represent, some mature and some freshly appeared overnight. As far as we are concerned freshly picked field mushrooms are the most flavour-filled of all. Delightful.
      Served on toast or as part of the biggest favourite of all, the full English Breakfast we are really looking forward to eating our way through them. Also, in homage to all things Norfolk, they have even been picked and gathered in a Norfolk Bog Door Blue vegetable  tray, now there's a little bit of harmonious synchronicity for you.
      Right, is it going to be smoked streaky bacon or unsmoked back bacon.
      Decisions, decisions.


  1. Smell the bacon from here John. Enjoy

  2. Surprised you found any. Dry as a bone here. Yeah, you can't beat proper field mushrooms.


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