Local produce. Spanish style

      We know that you are a long way south when you in Murcia, yes, sorry it's Spain again, but you can't help but be impressed about what is easily available in the kitchen garden. On this visit we were able to enjoy grapes that were simply picked and eaten straight away and super ripe Persimmon, never mind pick-your-own olives. What a treat.
      The more we visit this part of Spain the more we realise how good the quality of life is and how cheap the cost of living is too.
      Utilising alternative cooking techniques and methods didn't pose a problem either. The oven is an outdoor oven with a barbecue next to it, all built in of course. We used the wood fired oven to cook pizza, chicken, meat and the tour de force, a suckling pig. The outdoor oven comes highly recommended and I'd like to bet that cooking a rib of beef in the wood-fired oven would be treat too. There's always next year.
      Our apologies to vegetarians, and for the idiot with the camera reflected in the oven door.