Quince and medlar

      No, it is not the name of some Dickensian solicitors but the old-fashioned fruit on two of the trees that we planted in front garden. The medlar trees have been in a couple of years and this year they have fruited really heavily bending the branches down to the ground while the quince, which was only planted ten months ago, consequently we didn't expect to gather any fruit at all this autumn.

      The big surprise was that the tree produced any fruit at all but it did manage to produce five monster quince, the biggest was a monster and the four of them weighed in at just over two kilogrammes. The fruit are definitely large and the are very dense and are going to be turned, with a few added from the orchard, into quince jam. The boss made quince jelly last year so this will be another first, watch this space for a critical gourmet review later.
      Now for the crab apples.


  1. Verges and copses are littered with fallen crab apples this year. A 2 kg quince?

  2. Mrs TT will have my grammar balls in a vice for that. The four weighed in at 2Kg. I'll correct it, 100 times. Bugger.

  3. I went for three hours yesterday afternoon to test the water and caught five, the biggest about ten pounds and lost three, one a good double in the weed. There are still loads of lilies and eel grass but I will have a serious go next Wednesday. Some cold weather is needed. It'll be one rod for pike and one for perch on lobworms.

    I will report back, John


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