Reconnaissance time

      I've read somewhere that time spent walking the river banks is as valuable as time spent fishing, because you get to know the water without the distraction of actually fishing. Well that's the theory any way.
      So a long and sunny walk with the two Jack Russell Terriers squaring up to Bastard Barry the Jack Russell Terrier and no blood spilt and that's a miracle believe me. Maybe weight of numbers prevailed. Just.
      The river and drain looked good but more as a rather splendid water feature in a grand garden. There was a proliferation of eel grass, cabbages and lettuce, water lilies and other weed plus floating debris, so, please can we have a good frost, some heavy rain and a good flush out, in any order.
      There are worse places to be walking your terriers and even if predator fishing has to wait a week or two the watery reconnaissance has been officially carried out and later this week there's a new venue to check out too.
      Remember every good general has his scouts.


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