Something nasty in the woodpile

      The way that Barney, one of our Jack Russell Terriers is giving the woodpile, or to be more precise what he thinks is in the woodpile the 'look into my eyes treatment', you really would think that there was a rodent hiding in there in fear of its life.
      Being the person who had stacked the logs just a couple of minutes earlier I know there isn't anything hiding in there at all. It would have had to get past me and Barney while I was stacking the wood and he was just getting in the way. Maybe it's the plants on the other side of the fence moving and scraping away in the wind or simply a fertile imagination. Who knows?
      The good thing is that this sentry duty shift kept him quiet for hours by which time there could have been something in there but by then it was time for a walk anyway.
      Meanwhile the other Jack Russell, Minnow, is fast asleep on the couch. Sensible girl.