The last of the summer heat

      Another harvest is home, the last of the chilli crop all washed and bagged-up and they are now ready for the full culinary treatment.
      The Jalapeños above will suffer our first attempt at smoking chillies and the last few Hungarian Hot wax will be pickled. The Jalapeño plants have been pretty steady producers of chillies right through the summer and we've been using them from the moment they first appeared and were big enough to eat.
      A batch of the Hungarian Hot Wax were pickled earlier in the summer as a test and they are truly delicious and highly recommended, when they are yellow they are mild and the strength builds as they turn red so this batch should be interesting.
      Down below from top left the Serrano, Ring of Fire, Joe's Long and Joe's Extra Long will all be used to make a batch of fiery sweet chilli sauce and as a second ingredient in crab apple jelly.
      Game on then.