Bletting on the branch

      This year the boss has decided to pull medlar jelly from the production line so this winter the birds have another treat to feed on in the front garden.
      At present the medlars are still quite hard but as the frost get into them they will gradually soften until the flesh becomes a golden pulp, or bletted, but at what point our feathered friends will decimate the crop I do not know. One thing that I do know is that there are pounds and pounds of fruit on both of our trees so if some really cold weather does turn up during the first months of winter the birds will be able consume a lot of calories to keep them warm.
      Then when the trees have been cleared it'll be time to get the secateurs out and give the trees a pruners haircut.
      I always think that the top of the fruit looks like a dog's arse but the boss says typical sense of humour. I'm sure I read that the French still call them something like that.
     Say no more.


  1. Dogs arse my arse...gorgeous sky tonight John. Vainly looked for a safe stop to take some pics up the Great Ouse by Palm Paper.

  2. Alright, a cows arse. The sky was incredible but be careful by Palm paper the Pikeys will sell you into a life of drudgery...


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