Eleventh month. First pike

      It's November at last and it's that pike time of the year. Summer has moved into autumn and autumn is moving into winter. The water looks right, the weather feels right, the drains and rivers look beautiful and optimism is high.
      But, in truth this isn't the first expedition, I went out on a foggy Saturday afternoon last weekend with my son and we caught five pike in a few hours, we lost some in the abundant weed and missed a few good takes so the runes were cast and in a favourable position for today.
      Then the weather changed, the fog and mild damp weather disappeared. The wind blew from the north and last night we had the first real frost of the winter. Wednesday dawned and not a cloud to be seen anywhere in the sky and a northerly wind blowing. What more wouldn't you want? Oh yes, how could I forget, the water was calm and absolutely crystal clear too.
      Never mind Uncle Sam's boys and girls from the 48th Fighter Wing at Lakenheath were flinging their F15s around the Fenland sky and providing alternative aerial entertainment and even 'Bastard Barry' the Jack Russell Terrier from hell came and sat down next to me for a scratch and a stroke.
      That was a worrying development.

      Finally after two hours a slashing take on the roach deadbait, I missed it and the bait was gone, an hour later another violent take and run resulted in this lean pike in the net, photographed and quickly returned. A beautifully marked pike caught under horrible conditions but the mood improved and plans for the weekend are already being put in place. Ironically after a couple of miles of walking and fishing the pike come from precisely where I started. There's a moral in that somewhere.
      I absolutely love this time of the year.


  1. Never, never complain about the sun TT.

  2. Lovely post TT! The BB terrier obviously likes you, did you give him a scratch or too risky? Perch fishing is ace down here at the moment. Loved the colour of that quince jam - 4 jars worth more than gold!! TTFN Dickie

  3. Good to hear from you Dickie, he's not called 'Bastard Barry' for nothing, he's as hard as nails, even foxes don't tangle with him. There were very few quince in the orchard this year so we should get a good crop next year. Collecting my 20guage on Saturday so the next session will have to be next week, or maybe Sunday morning…

    Are you sorted and posting again?

    Best wishes,


    Back to printing the Christmas cards

  4. Well done,I should be out hunting Essox with pin and cane in the next few days.
    Hope you have a good Harvest with the shot gun as well!.

  5. The main quarry are pigeon, when they are not eating rotten potato and pheasant. The pheasant are just rough shooting, walked up on my own. We leave the partridges to allow them to re-establish. I shoot over about 30 acres on one farm and 500 hundred on another. Three pheasants for the pot is perfect for me, the boss and mum-in-law. two work as well.
    Enjoy your piking and good luck.


  6. Sort of sorted John. Had 6 months of hell, long story, but left with not much energy - getting back into posting soon! Been enjoying your postings. I too am thinking of Christmas cards! TTFN Dickie

  7. Autumn's bountiful harvest John. Lovely cold clear day today. Make metaphorical hay.


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