Lava red jelly

      Here you have it one of the seven jars of the boss' home-made crab apple and chilli jelly. In the sunshine it glows like molten lava and after all the grey days that we've 'enjoyed' that's more than just a novelty, sunshine cheers you up and so does that beautiful colour.
      The crab apples that the boss used were wild crab apples and the chillies that have been used are Serrano, their heat level is just up at the top of the medium band for heat and when we tested the jelly it left a very pleasant glow for about ten minutes.
      We'll have to hide the jars from the children when they visit.



  1. Crikey TT, that does look good - I bet it's amazing with cheese on toast? You are to be congratulated on your finishing touches - lids, labels etc, much neater than any of mine. Worth more than gold 7 jars of that! TTFN Dickie


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