Quince alchemy

      Well the four quince that ripened on our ten month old tree turned into four jars of quince jam. The white rock hard flesh of the fruit, lethal weapon level rock hard by the way, turned into this wonderful glowing red jam.
      The great thing is that as well as looking wonderful it tastes fantastic too, really sharp and tangy, and we think it will be an excellent replacement for the marmalade when the last jar finally runs out. So that's a real bonus and something to look forward to next year.
      Local produce from your own garden, it doesn't get much better than that.


  1. The boss says yes as long as it's cleaned and thick a jar is yours. She's digging out the sloe vodka recipe for you too.

  2. Course it's cleaned and thick missus. The sloe gin is doing whatever it does at this very moment. Never made it with vodka, so it'll make a change.


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