Rook work

      Our smallest and eldest Jack Russell, Minnow, brings me presents on the morning and evening walks and deposits them at my feet. At this time of year the favourite seasonal present is a walnut shell, and usually just one half of the shell, but this morning I was presented with a monster intact walnut shell but drilled out and the kernel removed.
      We see the rooks, and crows, flying over with nuts in their beaks which they then drop from a great height onto a hard surface to crack them and make it easier to get the tasty kernel out. This nut has come from one of the trees that produces truly huge nuts and they are pretty well twice the size of a normal walnut. Obviously it has resisted the impact of the drop but not the final frustrated, pneumatic drilling of the beak.
      I wonder if they are partial to a drop of port?


  1. Nice Russell,mine only brings me the odd Rabbit.
    Trevor Ablet knife?.

  2. Sadly the other thing that she brings are dead rats with their backs broken, mind you she can keep on killing them, cheaper than a .410 cartridge. She's the ratting queen, the farmer at the back loves her! Yes, an Ablett knife. I lost it and Sue bought me another, then I found the original. Bonus. Now I have a mint version in reserve. John

  3. All the corvids are very intelligent birds


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