Stormy Sunday

      To the east and to the west squalls, showers, deluges and even rainbows but ever present was the steadily rising wind, no doubt gales are approaching. Sadly we had to make a supermarket visit in a nearby town so as we travelled along next to the Sixteen Foot Drain for nine or ten miles, me driving and the boss up in the turret, we saw only two pike fishermen and that is checking both banks. Amazing.
      We drove through showers of rain that were like somebody throwing gravel, how the boss puts up with it in the turret I just don't know but she seems happy enough, anyway back to the landscape. As the squalls passed through the water of the drain was whipped into foam then, then suddenly you were out of the extreme weather and all was calm again.
      Never mind I managed to lay in a stock of Marston's IPA during the supermarket visit so all is well with the world.
      Really it's quite a calm Sunday in Two Terriers Towers. Pass me the bottle opener pet.