Christmas graffiti

      A few years ago, when we had a really serious winter freeze-up, the river that runs through the middle of the village had this not so Christmassy graffiti on it.
      The bonus of this opportunistic artists work was that at least it was the only self-cleaning graffiti ever and Health and Safety didn't allow the council workers out on the ice to brush it 'under the carpet'. When the ice and snow melt away it will disappear, here for a few weeks or until it is obliterated by the next heavy snowfall when it becomes a ghost willy.
      Quite a few people were appalled, you know 'shocked of West Norfolk' and quite disgusted by the symbolic representation but it made me laugh. I wonder what they would have made of the Cerne Abbas Giant.
      My amusement at this public erection is put down to, and I quote, 'your childishly puerile sense of humour is showing again'. No argument there then, never mind on that note I suppose I'd better stay away from all the jokes and one-liners going around my mind.
      Anyway I thought it had held up quite well considering the freezing cold weather and I was impressed by the folk art even if nobody else was.
      No, I didn't go out on the ice and draw it.


  1. Wonderful! I get similar comments all the time at home John - whoever did it is the Banksy of West Norfolk! TTFN Dickie

  2. Graffiti in 1970s Brightlingsea consisted almost entirely of pictures cocks and random swear words. Ahh, those were the days before that metropolitan Banksy nonsense.

  3. Someone always spoils the spontaneous creativity with good taste.

    1. I'd never trust a bloke who doesn't have a puerile sense of humour.


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