Howgate Wonder. Wonder filled pie

      One of our retired farmer friends told us we'd be interested in these, as we went to his barn we wondered just what 'these' were going to be. It turned out that 'these' were a tray of cooking apples called Howgate Wonder and are they large, apparently the sample he gave us were medium sized versions but two of them made the wonderful apple pie. We think that the big ones must be like small pumpkins. The apples themselves are not tart, sour or bitter and we know this sounds obvious but they've just got a wonderful apple flavour. Now there's a surprise.
      They came from a friend of his who has an old twenty acre orchard and every other row of trees in the orchard is a row of Howgate Wonder and, in turn, we've started wondering what other rarities he has growing in his orchard.
      Meanwhile keep them coming.


  1. Funny you should post this TT - we have just been given a bag of eaters that are huge. I made apple sauce tonight to go with a roast pork dinner. Lovely the sauce was too, but can I remember the name of them? James Grieve maybe but i did think Howgate but I think those are copkers. About the size of a small haggis! Apple heaven! All the best, Dickie

  2. More like a large haggis Dickie but they are delicious. Bramleys don't get near and we recon they are as good Grenadier. John


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