Jack Frost and the fog


      A very, very cold, frosty and sunny morning with not a breath of wind but while we walked the two Jack Russell Terriers the weather began to slowly change with the sun weakening and the fog creeping silently across the fenland fields.
      We met the farmer and his golden retreiver about halfway around the circuit and while the two terriers noisily chased and harried her he said that in his opinion there would be a thick fog by lunchtime and sure enough by lunchtime the visibility was down to around fifty yards and it kept falling and the fog thickening, all through the afternoon.

      A pike fishing expedition had been planned for this afternoon but the shallow drain has a layer of ice over it from bank to bank so, as an alternative, the wood burner will be fired up and some new traces made; Minnow and Barney will just have to 'enjoy' a really foggy walk later this afternoon.

      I think we'll have to fit high-intensity fog lights to their arse-ends because they are going to disappear in this foggy weather although the whistle and the thought of the tea-time feed generally brings them back at considerable speed.
      It transpired that our friend the farmer was quite right in his prediction about the weather conditions and with the fog thickening at this rate the visibility will be down to twenty yards by late afternoon.
      We definitely need a thaw before Saturday.