Jackdaw house hunting

      We're sure that one of these two jackdaws is an avian estate agent trying to sell the other bird the concept of making a move and building a nest down the single chimney. Just a thought but why is it that jackdaws are the only corvid that seem to nest in chimneys?
      I remember as a child that the estate gamekeeper had a tame jackdaw that used to follow him everywhere. The bird lived in the house as a pet with his own perch in the living room or kitchen and was tolerated by gun dogs, ferrets and cats and he lived to a good age before dying of natural causes in the conservatory. For those who are interested he was found on his back, wings folded and claws in the air, a sad day and bit of a Cluedo mystery really.
      Looking at that sky it could be a good idea to get the nest built and make the chimney on this derelict house weatherproof. There's nothing worse than wet feathers.


  1. THey love our chimneys here at Bureboy Villas. Kids always say choook..untill the fledglings arent quite and fall down into the hearth with a soot explosion


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